In a world that is filled with problems and challenges, only a few finds a solution. This kid is one of those few who stepped up to find solutions for the problems in the society. He wanted to find solutions to the problems instead of adjusting with it. He received a good deal of recognition on various levels for his wonderful inventions including two Guinness World Record attempts. We introduce you Mr. Tenith Adithyaa, an innovator from Tamilnadu. Well not just innovator, professional coin collector, software developer, a teacher, bird tamer, and a gamer.

Learning is like breathing for Adithyaa, he learns new things every day. The curiosity drives him all the way towards the solutions. At 4, he learned about computer applications. He had mastered 35 of them and also 6 languages. Well, this is just a beginning. He created the world’s longest running computer program at 13. It is known as Power Mind which can run for 570 years.

Adithyaa had many questions and ideas to solve several problems in this society. So he mostly spends time in his lab inventing something for the betterment of society. Most of the time he stays awake till 3 am and continue work in his lab. He remembered that he was an outstanding student. it was not in terms of just performance, mostly due to late night sleep after his work in the lab. He went late to school and stand out. Thus became an outstanding student in school.

He has many inventions across various topics in his portfolio. Each of his invention is interesting to explore. It makes one to think, how he could able to approach a particular problem from a certain point. It might result from everyday hard work at lab till 3 am. We all used extension cord for multiple appliances to run from one location and using all the plug points is a challenge. Adithyaa invented the “Adjustable Electricity Extension Board”, with which you can connect any kind of plug. This unique extension board can extend up to 3m long and ready for commercialization.

If this invention doesn’t impress you, here comes another topic for which he earned many global and national level recognition. It is called as Banana Leaf Technology. This is all about the approach to keep banana leaf intact for a long time. Adithyaa could achieve this without use of any chemicals. It means the banana leaf can be used for several weeks. He improved the life of banana leaf to a significant level and also it improved the durability. This is a path-breaking invention as like the previous idea this also ready for commercialization.

Tenith Adithyaa earned many international awards for this banana leaf preservation technology. He bagged international first place as an individual inventor with the gold medal. National Institute of Material Physics of Romania awarded his technology as the best for the future. This is not all, he also received many awards for other ideas. So far he bagged 2 national awards, 7 title awards, 5 state awards and so on. He took part in three events and won six international awards.

Leonardo da Vinci’s life is his biggest inspiration for him. Aerospace Engineering is his passion and wants to join ISRO. We wish this kid a long lasting success and encourage him to invent more for the society. He has his own website and you can check that out. www.tenithinnovations.com


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