Education is the basic foundation of a great success. But sometimes our education system brings in questions about its quality. This is because some people who are talented enough to achieve great without proper education in their early ages. Such personalities put forth some serious challenges to our current education system. This kid is one of them who never bothered about going to school regularly. But he is running two companies on his own. He is the reason behind the India’s first 3D printer made in in-house. Meet Angad Daryani, a 19-year-old inventor and social entrepreneur from Mumbai, India. Although he enrolled in some course, he did a lot without going to the school properly.

Angad Daryani learned things outside the school right from his early school days. He learned a lot of things with the help of YouTube videos. He built a hovercraft on his own by following online trainings. He believed 90% of his education, learnings happens outside the school premises. So he focused on his crazy dreams and learned the essential things. At 8 he built a robot, a solar-powered boat using Lego Mindstorm.

Angad focused on 3D printers and built his own versions of open source RepRap 3D printer. This made him to realize someone has to build our own open source for a better 3D printing machine. So at 15, he worked on an altered version of RepRap called as “Sharkbot”. He has plans to sell this to other makers in India. Normally Angad didn’t have enough time to spend in classes. He felt he could learn most of the things without attending the class, hence became a school dropout.

One of his remarkable invention is the e-book reader for visually challenged people. He calls it as “The Virtual Brailer”. He made all the designs as open source so that anyone who wants to work on it could access it with ease. This is a very rare quality, and it is a sign of helping heart. Angad wants to give back as much as possible to the society. His other inventions includes water level detector, automatic gardening system, etc,

Schooling was always a challenge for him, so during 9th and 10th grade he chose home-schooling, meanwhile continued his R&D work. As time passed, his inventions received recognition, and he was part of few innovation clubs from different universities. He is an ex-team member of Mumbai’s Makers Asylum. He was also a part of Camera Culture group at MIT media lab. He worked in Tree Labs at IIT and innovators club of India. He even had given TEDx talks in India.

Even though he was a school dropout, he found time to continue his education. He is enrolled in Electrical engineering at Georgia Tech. He also has plans to work on some solution for the ever increasing air pollution. He remembered his early days of how he struggled to breathe. He had Asthma issues. So he knows the struggle of breathing better than many of us. The current air quality could bring in adverse effect to everyone. So his current focus is on bringing some effective filtration technique for air pollution.

Angad Daryani is one of those who created a unique path for others to follow. He is passionate about bringing a change in our education system, sailing, football, music, art and fitness. We wish this champion to find many more solutions that could benefit the humanity and nature.

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