IQ – Intelligent Quotient is a famous test designed to test human intelligence. It includes various standardized tests. Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein had an IQ of 160. A well-known fact. But there are people who score more than these geniuses. Meet Lydia Sebastian who put herself in the top 1% of intelligent people. It means, she scored more than Einstein. Her score was 162. It was the maximum score one could achieve. It has lifetime significance. Because she can do wonders, foresee future in a scientific way like Einstien and Hawking.

Lydia Sebastian, was born in London. Her father Arun Sebastian, a radiologist and mother Erika Kottiath, associate director at Braclays Bank. But they are from Kerala, settled in U.K. It is a busy family and Lydia was always busy doing something. They remembered, she spoke first as a six months old baby. Lydia used to surprise her parents with her unique talents. It was her idea to participate in IQ test.

During school holidays, she decided to attend the Cattell III B paper. It was supervised by Mensa, the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world. She appeared for the test at Birkbeck College, London.  The test was easy for her, even though she was nervous at the beginning. She finished the test with two minutes to spare. At 12, she scored 162 IQ score and picked a spot in top 1% of test takers.

Cattell III B paper consists of 150 questions. It includes various questions, reading through comprehension, etc. She was tested on language skills, definitions, analogies, logical thinking and many more. Her father said it was her idea to attend the test, discussed with mother. The IQ test is available for anyone who wants to prove their ability. If you score in top 2% of applicants, you will be part of Mensa.

Lydia’s score put her above the required score with ease. An IQ of 162 means, she is a multi-talented soul. She was interested in Violin and practiced since 4 years. She is a big fan of Harry Potter book series. Also completed reading the whole series, thrice! She loves to read books. In fact she red the books which was meant for several year older kids than her. Maths, is her favourite subject. She also won award in school competition which includes mathematical skills.

Lydia Sebastian looks like a brave, intelligent kid who could make india proud in future. High IQ score means, by nature the person can posses advance thinking, perform better than a normal one. Best thing is, she found her own talent and proved it. We can only expect her to do wonders in her field of interest.

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