Medical Institutes recommends at least 10 hours of sleep for kids until 18

Growth hormones secretes the most during deep sleep. Until 18, several growth processes take place. So enough sleep is a must. American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends the below sleep duration.

4-12 months old: 12–16 hours (including naps).
1-2 years old: 11–14 hours (including naps).
3–5 years old: 10–13 hours (including naps).
6–12 years old: 9–12 hours.
13–18 years old: 8–10 hours.

When kids sleep for enough time, their performance improves in many aspects. They also get more control of emotion. Sleep is a rest-activity for the outer world. But for science, it is the most important time for kids.

Lack of sleep can reverse the effects and the impact will be carried for several years. Those who didn’t get enough sleep shown poor performance in several fields.

So, sleep is more important for kids. Please make sure your kids get enough sleep. Take care.

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