Indian invented the number zero. Perhaps Indians are fond of numbers for a very long time. That is why we are able to spot many mathematical geniuses from our country. Nishchal Narayanam is another star, another proud indian who became the youngest Chartered Accountant at 19. But his achievements expands wider than you could imagine. He completed double post graduate degrees. The spark happened at the age of 9, which is a very interesting story.

Nishcal liked the numbers, had a natural talent in mathematics. One day, he found the calculation mistakes in his father’s balance sheet at 9. This is not a normal. By this age kids would be learning to multiply numbers and memorize multiplication tables. But Nischal changed gears when he realized his true potential. He has exceptional memory skills.

Padmavathy, mother of Nischal who also has a Ph.D degree from Osmania University first noticed his talents. She searched and found mentors from all over the world. She groomed him with all essential knowledge. He authored few math books at 10. He trained well and participated in various memory completion across world. He won the World Memory Champion at 12.

For kids like Nischal, one Guinness record is normal. But he advanced one step and created two Guinness world records at 13. First Guinness World Record created by memorizing 225 random objects. He did it within a span of 12 minutes. Second Guinness record was created by memorizing 132 digits within a minute of time. Thus becoming the double Guinness world record holder.

He did internship in the famous Deloitte International Audit Firm. They recognised his talent and invited for a guest lecture at their global conference held in Shanghai. He addressed more than 200 people from all over the world. National Geographic  featured him in ‘ 7 brilliant brains of the world’. He  found the ‘ Nischal smart learning solutions’ at 15. It was created to educate the poor but talented kids in mathematics domain. This is a commendable initiative.

Govt. Of India honoured him with the National Child Award. It is a gold medal provided by president which is the highest honor for children under 16. His passion about numbers made him the youngest person to work in Deloitte. He is also a philanthropist and supports kida literacy though his ‘ Nischal Foundation ‘.

He had to wait for two more years from 19 to start working as CA. Because indian law doesn’t allow CA less than 21 years. Nischal’s schooling was normal till class 7. But changed gears there and appeared for each final class exams every 6 months. By 13, he was all set to join college. He completed his both degrees from Osamania University. He was also the youngest graduate from that university.

Such bright minds should be provided with essential resources to achieve great success in their life. Most of these talents are identified by parents. So it is their responsibility to provide enough space and motivation to find what their kids love to do. We wish Nischal a great success in his life and bring many more proud moments to our country. It would inspire our kids to a great extent.

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