Oscar, Golden Globe, National, International awards. Well known recognition for movies and people behind it. But this kid holds the Guinness World Record for the youngest director of the world. He directed and acted in a movie called ‘Care of Footpath’, at 9. He had beaten another guy who held this record at 13. Meet Director Kishan Shrikanth, whose first movie is a mega hit. He bagged many national and global recognition on his debut movie.

Kishan Shrikanth is based from Bangalore, Karnataka. He never had any ambition of becoming a filmmaker. Honestly neither their parents had any wish related to movies. He just stumbled on his destiny. When he was four years old, he was included as one of the kids appearing in a movie. It was his dad’s contact led him to acting. But nobody dreamt it was his starting point as a filmmaker.

During the shoot time, he used to act with other kids. Unlike other kids, once shoot is over he roamed around the set and try to understand how it works. He always has questions like how a film is made. He was curious. A four year kid roaming around the set and asked curious questions about many things. Many shared small information about whatever they do. Thus feeding his curiosity.

He learned lot of things during his first movie acting. He also appeared in few commercials. But his heart indulged more into the process of filmmaking rather than acting. He grew up with all questions, thoughts about direction and other technical aspects. He made up his mind for a full length movie in his native language, Kannada.

In 2005, Kishan made his debut film ‘Care of Footpath’ with famous Kannada stars. It was well received by the audiences and filmmakers. Thus making is own territory in Kannada film industry. The film was super hit and crossed 100 days. The movie won several awards and even got a very good rating in IMDB, well known site for movie ratings.

After the victory of his debut movie, he made several films including the part 2 of his debut movie. He has also acted in 28 feature films and more than 300 Television episodes. Some of his notable movies are Aishwarya, Teenage, Moggina Manasu. He also wanted to learn in a proper way. He requested the authorities to allow him for Master’s degree right after his Class X.

At 16, he already finished Master of Arts in Animation and Multimedia. Well he is the youngest to complete the Masters degree. Next he had his eye on another degree at Wiztoonz College of Media and Design, Bangalore. Kishan won his first Award from Government of India in 2008. It was the National Child Award for Exceptional Performance. His movie ‘Care of Footpath’ earned him lot of awards including best actor for himself.

The youngest director of the world, Kishan has his whole life and time going forward. But he already accomplished many things which others think impossible. All these achievements and all the time he need is coming to him. Let’s wish him a great success.

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