Muscle flexibility can bring ease of movement for the human body. It is the least benefit one can receive. But it is also possible to make world record if that body flexibility is utilized properly. Gagan Satish holds a record for being the farthest limbo skater of the world. He achieved this by limbo skating under 39 cars with just 5 inches of ground clearance within 29 seconds measuring around 230 feet distance. His amazing flexible body helped him to achieve this rare milestone. But it took lot of effort from him along with great support from his parents.

Gagan Satish is a Bangalore based school student who loves skating. He kick-started skating journey when he was just 3 years old. Her mother first noticed his son’s abnormal flexibility and believed in him. He was first rejected by local skating board for being too young. But with parents support and belief, he underwent proper training.

During the training time, he used to hurt his face, arms due to ridiculously close to floor type skating. He can fall flat while skating under the vehicles. So sometimes his face meets the floor and with greater speed the chances of injury is high. Sometimes while training hurt his face and it would bleed. But he always faces it with a smile and focused on completing the training. As part of his trainings, parents help him with warm up workouts to harvest the maximum benefit out of his unique flexibility.

He woke up early morning and trains for some time until goes to school. He continued the training in evening as well. It took several months of rigorous training before his world record attempt. His father, Rajanna was nervous throughout the record attempt event. But was the happiest person once his son achieved the great success. The entire attempt was filmed using local camera and shared in social media. He is a kind of celebrity among his area members.

Gagan set his eye on world championships for limbo skating. He also wants to participate in Olympics on behalf of our country. His achievement was registered by Indian book of records as ‘ Farthest Distance in Limbo Skating Under Cars’. He plans to do the same beneath100 cars. If achieved, this could bring more light on this unique kid.

He trained under specialist coach Yatish Gowda. The coach believed in his potential from day one. Self-realization is the secret of success. In that way, Gagan is an experienced person irrespective of his age. Limbo skating in India is not an easy thing. We should appreciate his will power. Without will power no man, irrespective of the age can win such great heights.

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