Anand Gangadharan & Mohak Balla


Innovation has been the force disrupting the market. Most of the business worldwide is based on products speaks for itself. If there is a new invention which can benefit mass people, then whole world spins around it. But the inventors don’t feel the significance. For them it is just a thing they love to do. Meet the duo who came up with an idea with great potential.

It was just another day in Mount Carmel school. Anand Gangadharan and Mohak Balla were at class 10. These two guys came up with an idea for science project. It was simple and great at the same time. The idea is to generate current using shoe, based on electromagnetic induction. Their set up will be attached to the shoes. When people use the shoe, due to compression and expansion in sole the current will be generated. That is not all. Their set up includes a provision to charge your mobile. The entire idea is to generate current and charge your mobile on the go. These two little geniuses call it as ‘Walkie Mobi Charger’. The beauty is in the duration when normal charger powers 25%, walkie mobi charger can power 40% of battery.

Imagine what a perfect set up of this can do to humans. All of sudden, everyone would be walking , jogging on the streets. The duo took time to fine tune the model. It was built completely in house by them. The first model was good but huge, so they underwent few iterations. The current version is lightweight, attachable to the heels. But the ‘never settle down’ duo is looking for financial support, to place beneath the sole for ultimate comfort of users. It appeared few sponsors contacted the duo but things didn’t go further.

Mohak was indulged in circuits during his 5th class. So the invention is just another toy in their kitty. Anand was also interested in such projects. They are friends from class 2 and became best buddies during 8th class. Even though both are in different academic path the bond only got stronger. Anand is doing his Btech CSC, Mohak is dropping an year to do JEE MAINS. But still they stay connected. A true friendship meant for lifetime. The duo didn’t drop their golden egg. Once they settle down with academics, have plans to fine tune the device and enter the market in style.

Family support, continuous motivation from teachers is lifeline for these kids. Because in current scenario a school student cannot find time to work on their own ideas. The school culture demands lot of their time and attention. It was hard to carry on the innovation but worth every second. Unlike most of the kids who win several medals and accolades, the duo won the hearts of public. By considering the level of comfort the device could provide for the users. The idea is fascinating. If you imagine the impact of the walki mobile charger in day to day life, it will worth more than many medals. A true innovation for mankind at the right time. Bravo!

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